Traveling This Summer? Make Sure Your Estate Planning Documents Are Up To Date 1

Estate Planning Documents Uptodate for Travel?

It’s important to make sure your estate planning documents are up to date before that big summer vacation. I recently travelled to Bali with my husband for an “adults only” vacation. It was our first time traveling without our children.  Fortunately, my in-laws were more than willing to care for them. Prior to our departure, I made sure all of our estate planning documents were in order. Although I was never completely comfortable being away from my children (but really appreciated facetime), I was reassured by the knowledge that if anything should happen while we were apart that our estate plan was complete and up to date. Here are some things you may want to review before traveling this summer:

  1. General (Financial) Power of Attorney and Medical Powers of Attorney – Any changes to nominated agents?
  2. Last Will and Testament — Any changes to devisees, the person(s) nominated as personal representative or guardian and conservator over minor children?
  3. Do you need to execute a Power of Attorney for Minor Children?
  4. Trust – Is your trust fully funded and are there any changes needed regarding beneficiaries, distribution or nominated Trustees?
  5. When was the last time your reviewed your beneficiary designations for your retirement accounts, annuities or life insurance and do they need to be changed?

Enjoy the Summer and try to stay cool.

Laura M. Trujillo