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Just as any business agreement presents a certain risk of nonperformance by either party, commercial real estate transactions sometimes need to be enforced in court.

If your company needs advice and representation on either side of a broken purchase agreement, a commercial leasing dispute or a construction problem, we can assist.

Seasoned real estate professionals understand that a credible litigation option can promote early and favorable resolution of disputes, but recognize that the litigation process can achieve its greatest dividends through improved bargaining and settlement leverage.

Our attorneys work closely with real estate clients to determine the facts of the dispute, the legal strengths and weaknesses of the case, and the client’s primary and secondary objectives. This analysis is essential to developing practical and cost-effective dispute resolution strategies that may or may not involve a civil lawsuit. We are quick to consider whether mediation or arbitration might serve as a better forum for the resolution of contested issues in your case.

We handle such real estate, construction and land use disputes as the following:

  • Purchase agreement problems — breach of contract for the buyer, specific performance for the seller
  • Commercial lease disputes ranging from termination and eviction issues to disagreements over renewal or assignment terms
  • Construction problems — payment or performance issues, contractor or subcontractor replacement, materials or mechanic’s liens, warranty claims
  • Insurance claims and coverage disputes related to losses or business interruption
  • Land use and zoning problems with local governments.

No matter what special circumstances characterize your real estate problem, our civil litigation attorneys can develop and execute the strategy best suited to achieve a favorable solution.

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