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Purchase, Sales & Leasing Transactions

We handle commercial purchase and sale transactions, construction projects, commercial leasing, environmental due diligence, zoning and land use problems on behalf of overseas companies who are looking for an Arizona presence. For developers, contractors and real estate professionals of all kinds, our law firm provides comprehensive client service through every state of a residential or commercial construction project. We handle business formation, land acquisition, land use and contract negotiations, dispute resolution en route to project completion and the closing of sale or lease transactions.

A particular strength of our firm’s practice is our familiarity with local zoning codes, land use restrictions, and the process of closing the gap between the specifics of your project and what a local government is likely to approve. As experienced municipal law attorneys, we understand what it takes to achieve project approval.

Our real estate practice doesn’t begin and end with new construction, however. We also represent owners, lessees, buyers, sellers and property management companies on the full range of problems that can arise in the course of any commercial real estate transaction.

These include:

  • Securing conditional use permits or rezones for commercial or industrial uses
  • Resolving environmental violations or investigations
  • Negotiating, documenting, enforcing or foreclosing real estate mortgages
  • Representing either party to a commercial lease, including the negotiation and enforcement of renewal, assignment and tenant improvement terms
  • Providing ongoing advice for real estate investment or property management companies
  • Resolving title problems or boundary disputes
  • Representing homeowners associations
  • Representing overseas business in Arizona real estate transactions, investments and/or land development projects
  • Real Estate Litigation

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