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Our experience addresses today’s complex environment of regulatory and financial scrutiny.


Margrave Celmins provides sound legal advice in a variety of transactions in an accessible, efficient and cost-effective way. Our attorneys have represented financial investors in mediation and arbitration, trials and appellate matters. We have experience interfacing with state and federal regulatory organizations.

We advise and defend management in virtually all aspects of the employment relationship. We counsel employers with regard to personnel policies, compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations, assist clients in drafting policies to adhere to applicable employment laws and regulations.

Our administrative attorneys fill a multitude of roles, including defending cases involving regulations or their violations at the federal, state and local levels. They also help clients with professional licensing requirements in Arizona. And we recognize the value of our clients’ intellectual property assets and help them develop a plan to protect them. Our attorneys offer counseling on complex matters so our clients make informed business decisions.

Other Practice Areas

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Michael W. Margrave

Patrick Van Zanen

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Effective January 6, 2020, attorneys Michael W. Margrave, Michael L. Kitchen, and Patrick J. Van Zanen, as well as paralegals Brittany Crane and Mallory Rasmussen, will join Sacks Tierney P A at their office located at 4250 N. Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ  85251. Their new contact information is:

Michael W. Margrave    
direct line: 480-425-2606
fax: 480-425-4906

Michael L. Kitchen
direct line: 480-425-2619
fax: 480-425-4919

Patrick J. Van Zanen    
direct line: 480-425-2623
fax: 480-425-4923

Brittany Crane
direct line: 480-425-2627
fax: 480-425-4927

Mallory Rasmussen
direct line: 480-425-2629
fax: 480-425-4929

We hope to continue serving your needs at our new home with Sacks Tierney P.A. beginning January 6, 2020