Our office was recently contacted by a client regarding a mailing she recently received titled RECORDED DEED NOTICE requesting a document fee in the amount of $83.00 for a deed that was recently recorded.  [Click here for a copy of the notice]

Based on a review of the Notice it is clear that the sender of the Notice, Record Transfer Services, has been accessing the County Recorder’s Office and looking through recently processed deed information in hopes of soliciting money from unsuspecting individuals as part of a SCAM.

Our office has contacted the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office and they have confirmed to us that this is indeed a scam. We have also contacted the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, and they have also confirmed this to be a scam.

Please keep in mind that two simple questions should always be asked when receiving these types of Notices:

  1. Who is the Sender?
  2. Why are they requesting a fee?

In this case Record Transfer Services was requesting a fee so they could provide our client information that is, for the most part, free and easily available online.

Laura Trujillo