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Small Estates: Part I

In some cases, small estates can be more complex than an average probate. This is especially true when dealing with an insolvent estate. The insolvency can often overwhelm the surviving spouse. Fortunately, the Arizona probate code provides several solutions. In this...

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Arizona has made a big jump forward by enacting the Arizona Entity Restructuring Act (the “Act”), which just became effective on January 1, 2015. While the Act may be found in Title 29 PARTNERSHIP of the Arizona Revised Statutes in Chapter 6, it applies across the...

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When entering into a commercial contract, one of the issues that should be addressed up front is whether or not to include an "arbitration" clause. Typically, disputes that arise concerning the performance under a contract will be addressed, as with most other...

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Elder abuse received worldwide attention this past February when a California judge issued a restraining order against the stepson of 90 year old actor Mickey Rooney. Mr. Rooney filed the request after years of alleged abuse, including his step-son withholding his...

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The Need For An Employee Manual

The subject of employment manuals usually arises when the number of employees in an enterprise grows to a point where management decides it would be helpful to employee relations to codify and publish certain company policies and procedures. Also an existing manual...

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Loan Protection For Arizona Homeowners

We all know of a friend, relative or neighbor who as a result of the economy or personal circumstances is not able to make the house payments or whose house is worth substantially less than the amount owed on the home loan. Arizona and a small minority of other states...

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