A Proud Member of LawPact®

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Providing Clients with a Global Reach and a Regional Feel

As a member of LawPact™, Margrave Celmins offers expanded legal options to its clients. Whether a client needs representation in other states in the U. S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, India or Latin America, our firm delivers exceptional legal service through our LawPact™ partners.

These fellow members are small- to mid-sized, independent law firms capable of providing the quality and manner of service that our clients expect. With a strong presence both nationally and internationally, LawPact firms cover more than half of the U.S. states, as well as many countries throughout the world.

While expanding the service available to clients, membership in LawPact upholds certain values that can only be delivered by a small- to mid-sized firm. These include:

Personal Attention

Your attorney should be your strongest advocate. As a group of more moderately sized firms, we and our LawPact peers believe this is fundamental to quality in the profession

Regional Expertise

There’s no substitute for the legal nuances learned through years of experience in a particular location. Because LawPact firms practice primarily in their own geographic areas, they can deliver these insights more readily.

Cost Effectiveness

The economics of legal representation are often just as important as the representation itself. LawPact members keep this a focus, selecting strategies that will be most efficient for their clients.
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