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Should Your Company Notify the Arizona Corporation Commission And the Secretary of State of a Change Within the Entities?

If your entity was formed in Arizona or if it is a foreign entity qualified in Arizona, the Arizona Corporation Commission (“ACC”) should be kept apprised of all changes of address of known place of business and changes regarding the entity’s statutory agent. Many Arizona entities (especially corporations) have been administratively dissolved by the ACC because important correspondence from it did not reach an old business address.  Also, if a statutory agent is changed or if the address of the current statutory agent is changed, the ACC must have that information as well. If not, then administrative dissolution could occur

Some Arizona entities have chosen to register their unique names as trade names with the Arizona Secretary of State. The registration must be renewed every five years and if the entity has moved its known place of business in the meantime, any notifications from the Secretary of State’s Trade Name Division will not reach the entity until the new business address is filed.

If your Arizona entity has made recent changes to its known place of business or its statutory agent, our office can assist you in preparing and filing appropriate documents with the Arizona Corporation Commission and, if needed, the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.

Darlene Lundy

Certified Paralegal