Many children and family members today are forced to answer this question when the situations of age and incapacity arise. Waiting until the last minute to make decisions regarding your care or the care of a family member can lead to a great amount of stress for all parties and in some situations it can lead to litigation. Many people refuse to face the reality that someone should be appointed to care for Mom and Dad either or both medically and financially. This blog will focus on medical issues.

Anyone over the age of eighteen should have a medical power of attorney that nominates a person to act as their agent. This person will be responsible for making decisions regarding your health care when you are incapacitated, temporarily or permanently. In most cases it’s helpful to talk to your family members about whom you have nominated and why you’ve chosen that person. For children of elderly parents its always good idea to ask your parents if they have a medical power of attorney. Open communication can help ease tension between family members and avoids adding stress during an emergency. A companion to the medical power of attorney is the mental health care power.

Look for my next blog, which will focus on the financial power of attorney.

Laura Morrison Trujillo