On Friday, I was reviewing the online version of The Hill and noticed in their August 21 posting a coming attempt to regulate gun trusts, with the administration in Washington calling them a “loophole” and pushing for revised administrative rules. When a person seeks to acquire a Class 3 firearm, there is a process to go through before ATF will approve the transfer. The person must first go to the Chief Local Law Enforcement Officer to sign off on the ATF transfer form (Form 1 or Form 4). In Maricopa County, my experience is that this can take from 40- to 50 days, largely because it is a low priority item. Once this process is completed, then the paperwork is submitted to ATF for more checking before final approval may be expected in another seven or eight months.

Gun trusts have evolved in the last six to eight years. In my view, a major factor in that were a few Chief Law Enforcement Officers around the country who arbitrarily refused to sign off on the ATF forms because of political, philosophical or other reasons  even where the applicant had a clean record.

Michael W. Margrave


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