arizona corporate tax scamSome of our corporate clients have reported to us that they received a very official-looking letter in a very official-looking envelope stating that your corporation should respond by February 20, 2013 and they request that you mail them $125.00 with the completed form they enclosed in their mailing.

Be advised: this letter was sent by a private corporation, Corporate Records Service, and it is merely a solicitation for business for them. The Arizona Corporation Commission is aware of this scam letter and we refer you to their website for more information.  [click here]  for alert.

It is true that Arizona statutes require an annual shareholders’ meeting be held and our firm strongly recommends that an annual directors’ meeting be held also. Officers do not have to hold annual meetings. Most of you ask us to assist every year in the preparation of annual minutes. If your corporation is not currently doing so, we are happy to assist. Just contact us any time.

Darlene Lundy
Certified Paralegal