March 2016 Attorney Spotlight: Michael Margrave

Winnipeg Ice ShowMichael Margrave recently joined the annual Canadian Moonlighters train trip. Canadian Moonlighters are mostly composed of former and current railroad employees, plus some enthusiasts like Michael. The group is called the “Moonlighters” because they schedule trips during a full moon cycle in February on a trip from Vancouver to Toronto so they have the full benefit of a bright moon for night viewing in the dome cars included in the train.

This year the group scheduled a return trip back to Vancouver, with about ten people traveling both ways, the first time they have done a round trip. During a stopover in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Michael visited the first ever Winnipeg Ice Show. The winter festival included dinosaurs and bears made of snow, many ice sculptures and more. Michael found time to take a few photos for us of an ice bar near an igloo. “Seating in the ice bar was cold—about five below zero,” he said.

MWM-Winnipeg Ice Bar.1

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