Have You Been Defamed ? Part II

Your reputation is one of the most valuable assets you possess. You work hard for years to get the reputation as a law-abiding, fair, honest and decent person. Your reputation is invaluable in your business. People do business with you because of your reputation as an honest businessperson. So, what do you do if another person accuses you falsely of being a criminal? Of being dishonest? Of being incompetent in your job?


Fortunately, the law provides for relief in these circumstances. A person who is the victim of false and disparaging lies may sue the “publisher” of those lies for defamation. (Traditionally, spoken defamation is referred to as “slander,” and written defamation is referred to as “libel.” “Defamation” is the general term including    both libel and slander.) A discussion of the elements and other aspects of this area of law will be explored in future postings.


Michael L. Kitchen


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