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At Margrave Celmins, P.C., our skillful handling of business and related legal issues is what brings most of our clients to the firm for the first time.

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  • Related to my last blog (issues with continuing to treat an employee just granted an ownership interest in a limited liability company as an employee for tax purposes) is this month’s subject on the importance of determining what type of ownership interest is being granted to that employee—a capital interest or a profits interest. Which …

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  • As a probate attorney, this is the most common question I get asked by clients, family, friends and acquaintances. Generally, the answer is no.  However, it really depends on the type of tax referred to and the asset inherited. An estate may be required to pay federal estate tax, but that would only apply to …

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  • Many times over the years I have run across limited liability company (LLC) documents that refer to and classify a service member of a limited liability company as an employee. This situation often arises where a LLC has a key employee, whom the LLC wants to reward by granting an equity interest in the LLC …

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  • If you want to bring a defamation action, the first thing you must prove is that your opponent made a statement about you that damaged your reputation. This is often a highly contentiously litigated issue. Generally, only a statement of fact or that necessarily implies a fact is actionable. For example, if another person were to falsely …

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  • The 2018 estate tax exemption amount has increased to $11.2 million. This is more than double the 2017 estate tax exemption amount of $5.49 million. A married couple could potentially exclude $22.4 million from estate tax for the year 2018. However, the new exemption amount will sunset at the end of year 2025. This means …

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  • Outstanding professionalism and personal attention.
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  • A giant cut above other firms I’ve worked with in regards to promptness and direct and efficient answers to questions.
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  • The Firm provides integrity, knowledge, professionalism with a human touch and clear expectations.
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  • Although we hope not to require further services by any firm, Margrave Celmins, P.C. will always be our first choice.
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  • We appreciate your concern and the protection provided by your advice.
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  • I really appreciate all the time and effort you devoted to my case. You are one attorney I would definitely recommend. Thank you!
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  • Thank you for treating our son and us with kindness, compassion and due diligence. We appreciate all your work on our behalf.
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  • My friend said you were one of the first “straight talking” attorneys she’s spoken to and she appreciated you discussing her problem with her.
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