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At Margrave Celmins, P.C., our skillful handling of business and related legal issues is what brings most of our clients to the firm for the first time.

What keeps our clients with us is our total commitment to provide quality service in a prompt and efficient manner.

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  • Following up on Part One of this blog posted on January 26, 2017, this blog will look at a specific situation where reps and warranties insurance coverage could be useful to both buyer and seller. Let’s assume seller is close to 65 years old and owns a majority of the shares of stock in a …

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  • Anyone who has been through litigation knows how expensive it can become, and very quickly. Taking a case from the initial investigation through a full trial will easily cost in the low six figures. The incredible expense associated with litigation is a very serious obstacle to pursuing one’s rights if your claims are not worth …

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  • The 2017 federal exemption against estate and gift taxes is $5,490,000 per person. The current federal estate tax rate 40% for estates which exceed the exemption amount. The federal gift tax annual exclusion remains $14,000 per person per donor. The federal generation-skipping transfer tax exemption was also increased to $5,490,000 per person.  The State of …

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  • In the last blog, we discussed entity structure when starting a new business. This blog continues that discussion, weighing the pros and cons of a limited liability company (“LLC”) and a Sub-chapter S corporation (“S Corp”). Why choose an LLC? In Arizona, consider an LLC if your proposed venture is a single purpose business undertaking, …

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  • In a business sale transaction, whether it be in the form of an asset sale, a stock sale or a merger, two of the key areas of contention between the parties involve the negotiation of the Seller Representations and Warranties Section and the Seller Indemnification Section of the purchase/sale agreement. These sections really deal with …

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  • Outstanding professionalism and personal attention.
    Corporate Client
  • A giant cut above other firms I’ve worked with in regards to promptness and direct and efficient answers to questions.
    Real Estate Client
  • The Firm provides integrity, knowledge, professionalism with a human touch and clear expectations.
    Estate Planning Client
  • Although we hope not to require further services by any firm, Margrave Celmins, P.C. will always be our first choice.
    Commercial Litigation Client
  • We appreciate your concern and the protection provided by your advice.
    Real Estate Client
  • I really appreciate all the time and effort you devoted to my case. You are one attorney I would definitely recommend. Thank you!
    Personal Injury Client
  • Thank you for treating our son and us with kindness, compassion and due diligence. We appreciate all your work on our behalf.
    Personal Injury Client
  • My friend said you were one of the first “straight talking” attorneys she’s spoken to and she appreciated you discussing her problem with her.
    Business Client