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At Margrave Celmins, P.C., our skillful handling of business and related legal issues is what brings most of our clients to the firm for the first time.

What keeps our clients with us is our total commitment to provide quality service in a prompt and efficient manner.

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  • For hundreds of Arizona businesses there is great relief, and claims for their alleged violation of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) have been dismissed by an Arizona court. Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities Foundation, Inc. (AIDF) and its affiliates filed over 1600 virtually identical law suits against Arizona businesses alleging that they were in violation …

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  • So, what is “compulsory arbitration?” Essentially, it is a highly shortened and abbreviated form of litigation that goes before an attorney instead of a judge. Most attorneys licensed in Arizona are required to act as the arbitrator on cases periodically. As the arbitrator, the attorney essentially acts as the judge and jury on the case. …

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  • The IRS is encouraging taxpayers with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities to claim the Earned Income Credit (“EIC”) in their tax returns if they qualify.  One of the requirements is that the tax payer have earned income. Disability benefits may qualify as earned income if it is a taxable benefit. However, a tax …

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  • If you own an entity, specifically a corporation or a limited liability company, do you need to be concerned with filing annual reports in the state of the entity’s formation? And what are annual reports, anyway? Annual reports are brief documents (usually 1-4 pages) that provide annual, or in some states, biennial, updates about the …

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  • Following up on Part One of this blog posted on January 26, 2017, this blog will look at a specific situation where reps and warranties insurance coverage could be useful to both buyer and seller. Let’s assume seller is close to 65 years old and owns a majority of the shares of stock in a …

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  • Outstanding professionalism and personal attention.
    Corporate Client
  • A giant cut above other firms I’ve worked with in regards to promptness and direct and efficient answers to questions.
    Real Estate Client
  • The Firm provides integrity, knowledge, professionalism with a human touch and clear expectations.
    Estate Planning Client
  • Although we hope not to require further services by any firm, Margrave Celmins, P.C. will always be our first choice.
    Commercial Litigation Client
  • We appreciate your concern and the protection provided by your advice.
    Real Estate Client
  • I really appreciate all the time and effort you devoted to my case. You are one attorney I would definitely recommend. Thank you!
    Personal Injury Client
  • Thank you for treating our son and us with kindness, compassion and due diligence. We appreciate all your work on our behalf.
    Personal Injury Client
  • My friend said you were one of the first “straight talking” attorneys she’s spoken to and she appreciated you discussing her problem with her.
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